You’ll Discover Indigenous
Traditions That Span Centuries

Talamanca Bribrí Reserve
& Cacao Tour

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is home to the BriBrí, the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica.

On this fascinating tour, you’ll travel to the mountains and visit the Watsi Reservation, where the BriBrí continue to retain their culture, lifestyle and traditions.

You’ll learn that the BriBrí maintain a very deep connection to cacao. For them, the cacao fruit is a most precious gift —it contains the soul and the spirit of a woman called Tsuru, who their god Sibö, turned into a cacao plant. In BriBrí tradition, only women participate in making the chocolate.

This is one of our most favorite cultural tours in Costa Rica. We recommend to book this tour through a tour company: You’ll need transportation and a bilingual guide, as the BriBrí retain their own language and only a few members of the family speak Spanish. We can help you arrange all the details —just ask us.


*The indigenous communities in Costa Rica are in need of more help from tourism. By visiting the BriBrí, you directly support their community’s economy.

A Must-Go

This hotel, the town and its people truly exceeded our expectations. It’s a must go!

– Natalia, LA

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