Wild Jungle. Colorful
Marine Life. Turquoise Seas.

Explore & Snorkel Cahuita National Park

Only 25 minutes from Hotel Aguas Claras, Cahuita is the best-known National Park on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

That’s because Cahuita National Park is home to the largest system of coral reefs in Costa Rica. It includes 35 unique species of coral, 120 types of colorful tropical fish, and the occasional encounter with reef sharks or stingrays —not to worry, both creatures are harmless!

On this adventure, you’ll take to the sea on a scenic boat ride, then gear up and go snorkeling to explore the coral reefs. Remember, September and October are the summer months in the Caribbean —on a clear, sunny day with no wind, you can see tropical fish, turtles, coral and even sand sharks.

Once onshore, enjoy a guided hike through Cahuita’s coastal rainforest trails. It’s common to see monkeys, sloths, parrots and many species of birds, poison dart frogs, iguanas and more.

Explore Puerto Viejo's Cahuita National Park

A rare and special experience.

Sophie, LA

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