Your Beachfront Hang-Out
For Day & Night

Hotel Aguas Claras

DaLime Beach Club Restaurant & Bar, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Here on the Caribbean side, Liming is all about “hangin’ out with friends”. Good eating. Good drinking. Great conversation —that’s how most days go here!

It’s no wonder why we’ve named our beachfront spot, DaLime. With indoor-outdoor space, smooth beats, live local music, and reggae and theme nights. Our DaLime Beach Club is all about modern, Caribbean-cool and seeing where the day takes you.

At DaLime Beach Club, you’ll enjoy lunch right on the beach at one of the nicest spots on the whole Caribbean Coast. We’re right on Playa Chiquita in Puerto Viejo, hidden by wild jungle and just steps from the sandy beach.

Want us to arrange something special? A private beachfront dinner by candlelight. A small sunset gathering with cocktails. A surprise beachside sip. Whatever your mood, you’ll spend your best days right here. So come lime with us!

*We wholeheartedly welcome the public to enjoy lunch at our beachfront restaurant & bar.

DaLime Beach Club
Restaurant & Bar

  • Full Bar & Restaurant Service: 10AM to 5PM
  • Easy “Oceanside” beach access to Playa Chiquita
  • Outdoor seating & open-air, covered dining
  • Restaurant & Bar Service right to your beach lounger
  • Diverse options for Gluten Free, Vegan & Vegetarian foodies
  • All Food Allergies Accommodated
  • Private, Beachfront Dinners, Upon Request
  • Live Local Music, Bonfire & Theme Nights
Hotel Aguas Claras

Easy-Going Caribbean Eats —
Right On The Beach


Hang-out at one of the nicest spots on the Caribbean Coast.

At DaLime Beach Club, you’ll find both healthy and indulgent options. Easy beach eats. AfroCaribbean favorites. Whether it’s a Spicy Ceviche, Caribbean Chicken, or Rondon Seafood Soup —every dish is inspired by our surroundings and is made with fresh, local ingredients.

That’s because we source from Puerto Viejo’s farms and fishermen. We select exclusively grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, and only offer responsibly caught fish.

Costa Rican AfroCaribbean cuisine is rich and very peculiar. There are many dishes cooked in coconut milk, such as rice and beans. Or sauces with curry and other spices that accompany fish and seafood.

In AfroCaribbean cooking, we use energetic spices like hot chili peppers — such as the “Panamanian chili” — which are an important part of home-cooked dishes such as “Pati” (a deep fried Empanada).

Among our most common desserts at Hotel Aguas Claras is the sweet “Plantintá”, the pineapple or banana filling, and the “Panbón”, which is black bread with spices. 

The entire food menu was outstanding!

Every dish was a hit – at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I recommend the Biriba patacones!

– Lucas, New York

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Beachfront Dining Experience?