Best Hospitality Practices

Keeping It Green

Sustainability is never an afterthought at Aguas Claras. From day one we’ve invested in green technology and always source products in line with our philosophy, keeping our operations efficient and sustainable.

Green By Design


Harvesting Our Glorious Sunshine

We work hard to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible. And with sunshine aplenty in Puerto Viejo, one way we do that is by using solar energy generated at the hotel to heat water for our guest rooms.

If it happens to be cloudy, we have energy-saving auxiliary water heaters as a backup. Either way, your showers will always be hot!

Feel-Good Food


Sustainable Ingredients, Sourced Locally

We think food tastes better when it’s ethical and hasn’t been shipped from a faraway land.

That’s why we work closely with our local suppliers, keeping our food miles low and ensuring that every product we serve is as pure as possible, that every chicken is hormone-free and that every cow is grass-fed.

As for fish, we’re all about the good old catch of the day, brought in by artisanal fishermen from the very waters that lap our shores.

Sustainability Tour


Let Us Show You How We Do it

The practices you read about here are a drop in the ocean of our sustainability initiatives. Let us show you more.

Join us at Aguas Claras for a complimentary back-of-the-house tour where you’ll see for yourself how we keep our operations green, how we support our community, and how we protect our flora and fauna.

We’ll take you around the hidden areas, giving you a real insight into sustainable hospitality done in style.

Sustainability Meets Creativity

“Just passing through the gate at Aguas Claras gives you an immediate sense of relaxation and beauty. This is a hotel with sustainability in mind. Toucans and vibrant hummingbirds lace the lush gardens inside – it’s a wonderful place to stay!”

– Amy, Oregon

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