Everyday Sustainability

Every Day, Every Action. It All Makes A Difference

At Hotel Aguas Claras, sustainability is in our DNA. It guides our everyday decisions and is ingrained in our guest experience. Explore some of our sustainable practices here.

No Plastic Policy


We’re Proud To Have Banished All Single-Use Plastics

We’ve made the conscious decision to get rid of all plastic water bottles from our resort. They take vast quantities of fossil fuels to produce and are non-biodegradable. More often than not, used bottles don’t get recycled either and end up in our ocean.

Water in Costa Rica is 100% potable. We encourage you to use the reusable bottles provided at the hotel.

We have also replaced single-use plastic straws with locally-made bamboo stalks. They’re compostable which helps us reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste we produce.

Awards & Memberships


The Perfect Symbiosis of Sustainability and Luxury

Hotel Aguas Claras is a member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Hotels. As a group, we were awarded the accolade of Earth Changers at National Geographic’s World Legacy Awards in 2017, and the WTTC’s 2018 Tourism for Tomorrow Award in the “People” category.

The former award recognizes cutting-edge leadership in environmentally friendly business practices and green technology, from renewable energy and water conservation, to zero-waste systems and carbon-emissions reduction.

The latter, one of the ultimate accolades in tourism, recognizes best practice in sustainable tourism within the global industry, with the People Award specifically acknowledging the Cayuga Collection’s unwavering commitment to its staff members and wider communities.

Every Day, Every Action

“At boutique resort Hotel Aguas Claras, consciousness meets total bliss. Grab your beau and prepare for a holiday that promises to be enchanting and ethical in equal measure.”

– Citizen Femme Magazine

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