An Artist’s Life Work.
Manifested as a Boutique,
Luxury hotel in Puerto Viejo

Hotel Aguas Claras

Why Hotel Aguas Claras

Hotel Aguas Claras is for The Doers. Creators. The Thinkers. And Tinkerers. The ones who seek peaceful seclusion to make way for flashes of inspiration.

In 1992, Elizabeth Steinvorth began her love affair with Puerto Viejo. A Multi-media Artist from San José, Steinvorth fell in love with the area’s simple beauty. “Back then, there were no lights, no water, nothing,” Steinvorth says. “It was very simple, but everything was so beautiful and easygoing that I didn’t care if we didn’t have light or water.”

Steinvorth brought her daughter, Elena, to Puerto Viejo when she was just two weeks old, essentially baptizing her in the warm Caribbean sea. And like a story unraveling and revealing itself over the years, the making of Hotel Aguas Claras has become an unexpected life project for the mother-daughter duo.

The idea for the hotel originated from Steinvorth’s desire to put her various artworks to good use. From floral water colour paintings to mosaics. Murals and upcycled furniture pieces. Just about everything in the hotel is from Steinvorth’s body of work, or an original creation made by the duo’s network of cherished artist friends.

“The hotel is really an art project,” Steinvorth says. “It’s the union of all my artwork from my life…like a retrospective. Everything is carefully curated.”

Steinvorth and Rohrmoser began their architectural intervention in 2017. It was important to them to create a boutique luxury hotel in Puerto Viejo with minimal ecological impact. For instance, a cluster of cabanas were the original homes on Playa Chiquita, rescued and given new life as contemporary Caribbean bungalows.

Today, this modern bohemian hideaway is for discerning travelers like you, who seek an eclectic retreat surrounded by natural beauty.

With 9 luxury bungalows, 6-themed suites, and ocean-side beach access to Playa Chiquita, it is truly a luxury gem on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

Welcome to Hotel Aguas Claras. A place where art and creativity thrive within the magic of a tropical jungle.

Hotel Aguas Claras is a proud member of The Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels. Through its environmental awareness efforts and sustainability programs, it represents a new generation of hoteliers leading the way for intelligent luxury travel.

Below, explore why Hotel Aguas Claras could be the best luxury hotel for your next Puerto Viejo adventure.

Hotel Aguas Claras

Immerse Yourself In A Place
Where Creativity Abounds

We encourage artistic collaborations that explore the secrets of tropical life.

As a continuation of Hotel Aguas Claras’ appreciation for artistic expression and practice, the hotel hosts Familia Paraíso. Familia Paraíso is the creative multimedia platform for Hotel Aguas Claras. It serves as an archival library and club for all the art forms created at the Hotel by family and extended family artists in many creative disciplines that come to visit us locally and from faraway lands.

It’s a space to build and show our creative community. Showcase all the glossy beautiful things happening at the Hotel and inform of future Artist-in-Residencies, Events and Environmental Community Projects.

Our intention is to serve as a cultural bridge between our local diversity and the guests that visit us through the key element of collaboration and exchange Familia Paraíso carefully curates artists by invitation.

Hotel Aguas Claras

You’ll Relax With Caribbean Beach Eats,
Cocktails & Your Toes
in the Sand at Playa Chiquita

Hang-out at one of the nicest spots on the Caribbean Coast.

This is what easy-going Caribbean living in Puerto Viejo is all about. Hotel Aguas Claras enjoys a privileged “ocean-side” location and direct beach access to Playa Chiquita.

This means you’ll never have to cross the road to get to the beach —nor will you ever have to worry about good food and good vibes. We’ve got that covered at our DaLime Beach Club Restaurant & Bar.

Hotel Aguas Claras

You’ll Find Creativity &
Consciousness in Equal Measure

We’re guided by Our
Sustainable Philosophy.

Hotel Aguas Claras is a Sustainable, Luxury Hotel. Ours is a destination where nature, arts and community harmoniously intertwine. Where upcycled furniture and local art bring original Victorian buildings right up to date, and local staff breathe life into the resort.

We keep our footprint small, our hospitality “local”, and the well-being of our surroundings at the heart of what we do, helping us deliver a meaningful and renewing experience for each and every one of our guests.

Hotel Aguas Claras

Hotel Aguas Claras in the Press


Our luxury hotel has been featured in numerous publications worldwide.

From Vogue to Jamaque Paridis and the Conde Nast Traveller, our luxury hotel has been featured in numerous publications worldwide.

“Aguas Claras is a Caribbean feast for the soul.”
Jamaque Paridis

“It’s a living installation and a hotel rolled into one.”
Conde Nast Traveller

“Everything is vibrant and colourful, tasteful and original…This is Costa Rica’s new cool side.”
Conde Nast Traveller

Elle Traveller Germany, No 11

Outside Magazine

A Magical Place

I don’t have enough wonderful things to say about this magical place – the owners have clearly put a lot of love, thought and hard work into the hotel and it shows…it was so hard to leave!

Leslie, New York

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