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Hotel Aguas Claras

Pura Vida Wellness at
Hotel Aguas Claras

At Hotel Aguas Claras, we believe that wellness and well-being cannot exist if nature and the communities we live within are not well. That’s why, every decision we make at our luxury hotel is all about sharing the special essence of Puerto Viejo and Caribbean life.

For us, “Wellness” is a natural part of Caribbean life —that’s why you’ll eat clean and local. You’ll wake with the sun. Feel renewed by ocean breezes. Have the space to be fully present.

For yoga enthusiasts, you’ll discover hidden, private spaces and platforms to develop your practice, surrounded by lush palms and native plants.

From our Spa & Wellness Menu, we offer Relaxing, Deep Tissue and Ayurvedic Massages with the option to add Energy Healing treatments.

Massage treatments take place at Casa Gandhi. Or choose to take your treatment on your Bungalow Terrace, where you’ll connect with the ebb and flow of your natural surroundings.

Hotel Aguas Claras

Yoga & Meditation at Casa Gandhi


Where You’re Always in the Flow

Invite the day in with a morning yoga session at Casa Gandhi, our open-air yoga shala hidden in the jungle. Lead your own personal practice or take in our weekly yoga sessions. You can also enjoy a selection of Vinyasa Yoga, Vayu Aerial Yoga and Gyrokinesis.

  • Yoga & Meditation Classes offered 1-2 times per week
  • Sessions offered at Casa Gandhi, and alternatively on the private patio of DaLime Beach Club
  • Private Yoga & Meditation Classes available upon request
Hotel Aguas Claras

Spa & Wellness Services


Take A Rest From Your Thoughts

Choose to take your treatments in the open-air at Casa Ghandi or on your Bungalow Terrace, surrounded by lush gardens. You’ll enjoy a selection of Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage and Couples Massages. Ayurveda Wellness Consultations are available, along with Ayurvedic Massages such as Ayurveda Thai and Udara massage.

Enjoy a selection of Energy Healing & Cleansing Treatments such as Guided Meditations, Sobada Maya, Crystal Chakra Therapy, and Auric Limpia with copal incense.

  • Open-Air Treatment at Casa Gandhi
  • We can arrange for massages on your Bungalow Terrace at any time
  • Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage Massages
  • Ayurvedic Massages & Energy Healing & Cleansing Treatments
  • Couples Massages Available
Hotel Aguas Claras

Healthy, AfroCaribbean-Inspired Meals


Enjoy the Flavors of the
South Caribbean Coast

Our culinary experience is influenced by our tropical surroundings, international tastes, and the AfroCaribbean culture of Puerto Viejo. That’s why you’ll find colorful smoothie bowls. Familiar flavors of the world. Modern takes on AfroCaribbean comfort food.

Every dish is made with fresh, local ingredients. That’s because we source from Puerto Viejo’s farms and fishermen. We select exclusively grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, and only offer responsibly caught fish.

You’ll feel well and eat well when you dine at our Papaya Restaurant or DaLime Beach Club Restaurant & Bar.

Hotel Aguas Claras

Spend Your Days Energized & Inspired


Let Puerto Viejo’s Natural Beauty Energize You

Dive deep into all the activities and experiences Puerto Viejo has to offer. Hike and explore Cahuita National Park. Snorkel in the crystal clear coral reefs. Learn to surf. Or pedal into town and explore Puerto Viejo on bicycle. “Wellness” and being active is a part of easy-going Caribbean life.

Relaxation & Beauty

Just passing through the gate at Aguas Claras gives you an immediate sense of relaxation and beauty. Toucans and vibrant hummingbirds lace the lush gardens within – a wonderful place to stay!

– Amy, Oregon

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